Settling in Germany

If your stay exceeds 90 days, you need to apply for a long-term visa, which is not a Schengen visa, but a national German visa (category "D"). As of 05 April 2010, this visa entitles to travel to the other Schengen countries as well.

Residents of Sindh and Balouchistan need to apply at the Consulate General Karachi.
Residents of the other provinces and areas in Pakistan should apply at the German Embassy Islamabad.


Visa applications procedure

Visa applications can only be submitted in person.

At the Embassy in Islamabad visa appointments are given online only. We ask for your understanding that appointment requests by phone or e-mail will remain unanswered.

---Your complaint – our plea to show more fairness!

Please cancel your visa appointment as soon as you know that you are not going to use it!

You will enable other applicants to use that slot.

No-shows will be monitored and if necessary registered.---

Please note that from 11 September 2017 online appointment system has been implemented at the Consulate General in Karachi. No application will be accepted without an online appointment. 

The visa sections can only be reached during official office hours !

Visa applications of minors need to include the written consent of their parents/custodians.

The processing time for short-term visa applications will take about fourteen days after the appointment. Especially during summer, there might be a considerable waiting period of more than four weeks for an appointment. Therefore, please book an appointment as soon as you know when you want to travel and compile the necessary documents until your interview.

Visa-related inquiries for individual cases at the Embassy Islamabad can only be submitted in writing and need to be signed by the applicant or his/her legal representative. Therefore, such enquiries cannot be made by e-mail and if made by e-mail will not be answered.

Please note that mobile phones and bags can unfortunately not be taken into the buildings of the German Missions.

Embassy Islamabad - Visa Section               

Tel: (0092-51) 2279430-35

Fax: (0092-51) 227 8917

E-Mail:  visainfo @ isla. diplo. de

Opening hours visa section

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 12:00 hrs

Collection of passports

Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 hrs

General Inquiries via phone

Monday-Thursday from 14:00 - 16:00 hrs

No inquiries regarding the status of a specific visa application, please!

Submission of additional/missing documents only on demand of the Visa Section
Only on Monday and Tuesday from 8:00 - 10:00 hrs

Consulate General Karachi - Visa Section      

Tel.: (0092-21) 3587 3782

Fax: (0092-21) 3582 1597

Opening hours visa section

Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 11:00 hrs

Collection of passports

Monday to Thursday: 14:00 - 15:00

Friday 12:00 - 13:00 hrs

Visa Fees

For applications at the Embassy Islamabad, please note that at the time of application an amount of 500,- PKR is due for returning the passports through a courier service. 
While submitting the application, you will be given a pay slip. Please take this slip to the Standard Chartered Bank, Diplomatic Enclave Branch only, and pay the visa fee. The bank will report your payment to the Embassy. A fee of 700,- PKR will be levied by the bank.
If your appointment falls on an official banking holiday,
the payment of fees cannot be settled the same day.

For applications at the Consulate General Karachi, please note that the visa fee (equivalent in PKR) has to be paid in CASH at time of submission.

Schengen visa / Short-term visa (cat. "C")

60€ (in Rupees)

Airport transit (cat. "A")

60€ (in Rupees)

National German visa (e.g. study family reunion, etc. - Long-term visa)
(cat. "D")

75€ (in Rupees)

Children aged 0-17 for family reunion
37,50€ (in Rupees)

Spouses/children of citizens of the EU

exempted from visa fees

Obligation to declare cash in amounts of EUR 10,000 or more entering or leaving the EU

All travellers entering or leaving the European Union with €10,000 or more in cash must declare the sum to Customs from 15 June 2007. This initiative has been taken to assist the efforts being made at EU level to tackle crime and improve security by cracking down on money laundering, terrorism and criminality.

Visa - long-term


Online appointment system

PC mouse

Visa, passport and attestation appointments at the Embassy can only be made online. Please write your name exactly in the way it is written in your passport. Please also use your current passport number only. Any attempt to make more than one appointment with different passport numbers will lead to the rejection of your application. Please also ensure that your passport number, your e-mail address, etc. are filled out correctly, otherwise you will lose your appointment and not receive the confirmation email.

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