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As a first and second language for around 125 million people, German belongs to the most important languages worldwide. In Europe 101 million people have German as their mother tongue. In the institutions of the European Union, German is - after English and French - the most important language.


Ten good reasons to learn German

Do you like Goethe and Kafka?  Are you interested in the different cultures of German-speaking countries?  Or do you just like traveling through Europe and being able to speak the language? These are all good reasons to learn German.  Do you need more?

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Where to learn German in Pakistan ?

Here you find the contact details of institutions which offer German courses in Pakistan.

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German – A Language Learned all over the World, but Firmly Rooted in Europe

German is the second foreign language in the European Union (EU) and when it comes to the 90 million people whose mother tongue is German, it is actually in first place. It is also officially recognised as a minority language in eight countries Does this then mean we should not worry about the status of the German language in Europe? The answer unfortunately is - yes, we should be concerned, as the German language plays only a minor role in the institutions of the EU.

German language

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