Projects funded by the Consulate General Karachi

The Consulate General manages a small development fund of its own. The resources can be awarded according to the priorities of the Consulate General. Assistance out of the Micro Projects Scheme is designed to be a one-time financial support. Its focus, however, is not on financing running costs but on creating self-sustainable structures.

Among those project proposals having been received in the course of a year, a decision on which projects will receive assistance is taken by the time of spring every year. Applications may be forwarded directly to the Consulate's Trade &  Development Cooperation Section. 

Micro Projects by the German Consulate Karachi: Sindh Community Foundation (SCF)

Cooperation with the Sindh Community Foundation (SCF)

The German Consul General, Dr. Tilo Klinner, signed an agreement with representatives of the Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) on 18.04.2013 for the support of a Girls Resource Centre in Tando Muhammad Khan.

Micro Projects by the German Consulate Karachi: Parwan Welfare Organisation (Parwan)

Cooperation with the Parwan Welfare Organization (Parwan)

The German Deputy Consul General and the President, Parwan Welfare Organization, signed an agreement on 12.04.2013 for German financial support for the equipment of a Drug Rehabilitation Facility in Karachi.

Overview of the German Consulate's previous Micro Projects

The German Consulate General Karachi has supported several organisations with financial aid through the German Government's "Micro Projects Scheme". Following is a list of projects conducted  in the previous years:

Projects funded by the Consulate General Karachi

Picture Gallery: Micro Projects by the German Consulate Karachi

Further information


Please note that the deadline for applications for the year 2017 is already over. Project proposals submitted after the deadline are generally not considered in the selection process. Applications for 2018 are accepted from 1 November till 15 December 2017 only.

Please find below the application form and the information leaflets for the respective mission as download files.

IMPORTANT: Do not send any enquiries about your submitted proposal! You will be notified in case your proposal gets short-listed.