Update of "place of residence" in your passport

If you settled permanently in Pakistan, you need to have your address / your place of residence updated in your passport without delay.

"Settling permanently" usually means that you are going to stay in Pakistan more than six months.

Please submit the following documents:

additional information:
application form

one form per person

Passport application form for adults [pdf, 132.59k]

for minors:

Passport application form for minors [pdf, 158.63k]

completely filled and signed

your present passportwhich still contains your hitherto place of residence
proof of your legal stay in Pakistan
- residence permit or
- Pakistan Origin Card
notice of departure  (Abmeldebescheinigung)
issued by the German registry office at your hitherto / last place of residence

Updating the place of residence in your passport is free of charge.


Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.

Change of Address


Important note:


When ever you find the term "original(s)" on this page, the actual originals as well as copies which are certified by German authorities can be accepted.

All copies of your application have to be:

- in Din A4 size
- complete
- readable
- not (!) stapled

Please always submit two of every required copy.