You intend to apply for a new passport

Please read carefully before applying:  

Passport application by appointment only!

According to German law you are required to personally come to the Embassy Islamabad/ Consulate General Karachi for any step of the application process.

At the Embassy Islamabad, you need to make your appointments online.

Please click this link: passport appointments Islamabad


At the Consulate General Karachi, please call (0092 21) -  3587 3782 or (0092 21) -  3582 1596.

Steps of Passport Procedure under German Law

(according to your situation)

Standard Processing Time;

Fees (PKR in cash only)

Submitting your Passport Application and

Document verification:

If you apply for a German passport for the first time, your Pakistani certificates and other documents will need to be verified.

passport fee

(see passport fee chart below)


at least 4 months

30,000 PKR

Your name under German law:

You need to make a name declaration that will be confirmed by a German union council (“Standesamt”) if you apply for a German passport:

- for the first time

(children: for the first German child only)


- if your name has changed (e. g. after marriage or divorce)

(In this case your Pakistani marriage or divorce certificate will need to be verified before the name declaration, see above: “Document verficiation”, at least 4 months, 30,000 PKR.)


at least 2 months


around 6,000 PKR


Passport Biometrics:

From age 6 on you need to give your fingerprints.

printing of passport needs 4-5 weeks from day of biometrics

Passport Collection:

You need to collect your passport in person.

included in the passport fee

Please submit the following documents:


additional information

application form

Passport application form for adults [pdf, 132.59k]

3 passport photos

according to biometrical requirements
(see explanation in the following downloads)

information on photos [pdf, 550.79k]

Edit format / template for correct passport photos [pdf, 67.23k]

your present passport

proof of your legal stay in Pakistan

- residence permit or
- Pakistan Origin Card

notice of departure  (Abmeldebescheinigung)

issued by the German registry office at your former / last place of residence

proof of your German nationality

e.g. certificate of naturalisation (of the parents, if no own certificate of naturalisation is available), citizenship card (Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis)

birth certificate

if issued in Urdu, please provide a translation into English or German.


Important note:

When ever you find the term "original(s)" on this page, the actual originals as well as copies which are certified by German authorities can be accepted.

All copies of your application have to be:

- in Din A4 size
- complete
- readable
- not (!) stapled

Please always submit two of every required copy.



for adults over 24 years of age

81 € / with 32 pages

103 € / with 48 pages


for children between 12 and 18 years 

and for adults up to 24 years

58.50 €/ with 32 pages

80.50 € / with 48 pages

children's passport

for children up to 12 years

26 €

travel document to return to Germany

21 €

temporary passport

39 €

update of place of residence

no charges

The fees are fixed in Euro. However, the payment needs to be done in Pakistani rupees and depends on the actual exchange rate set by the Embassy's cash office (for both the Embassy and the Consulate General).

Please note: If you are not a permanent resident in Pakistan, the German Embassy / Consulate General is actually not competent for the issuance of your passport. However, the Embassy / Consulate General can request the authorisation from the passport authority at your place of residence in Germany. In this case, there are additonal charges for the processing of your application.

Please bring along sufficient change, so that the payment procedure can be facilitated.

Passport application


Passport application by appointment only!


Passport applications can only be submitted in person.

At the Embassy in Islamabad, appointments can
only be booked online under the following link .

At the Consulate General Karachi, please call (0092 21) -  3587 3782 or (0092 21) -  3582 1596.

The processing time for passport applications will take about five weeks after your application is complete, a possibly required document verification has taken place and, if applicable, the use of a name subject to German law has been determined.

temporary / provisional passport

Vorläufiger Reisepass

In case you can proove the necessity of an urgent trip (hindering you from waiting for the issuance of the biometrical passport), you can apply - together with the application for the biometrical passport - for a temporary or provisional passport.

If you have all the necessary documents ready, this provisional passport can be issued on the same day. However, it will be valid for a maximum of 1 year only and needs to be returned upon the handing over of your biometrical passport.

Fees: 39 €


Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.