Beware of Agents and Scammers

Please use caution and be sensible when looking at ads on online platforms promising employment in Germany or other European Countries. There is a high risk that they are posted by scammers, who will charge you money for their “services” and then provide you with false documents and wrong promises of Visas to Germany. In some cases they even pose as staff members of the German Embassy.

Do not fall for it! The money you pay will be lost! Please consider these simple facts, when you see something online:

1. German Companies do in general not recruit workers directly in Pakistan – especially not online or via agents.

2. Any offer not asking for proven German language skills and formal vocational training is in general a fraud.

3. German companies do not charge for Job acceptance letters or application fees.

4. All visa applications have to be made in person and the German Embassy or Consulate General do not ask you to prepay any fees.

5. Other than the Consulate General in Karachi and the Embassy in Islamabad there are no German representations or offices in Pakistan dealing with visa applications.

6. All our emails come from our official accounts, if you receive something from an email account hosted by a commercial provider, it is not official.

7. If you have any doubt about a job offer, insist on paying the agent only after all the paperwork has been done.

The following ad is an example for this kind of fraud:
Enlarge image


If you come across ads which you feel might be a fraud, please let us know under: isla%27%auswaertiges-amt%27%de,visainfo


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