Consul General and Consulate departments

Engine production and test

Economic Section

The Economic Section promotes German-Pakistan business relations. It is a contact point for German companies being active in Pakistan or interested in doing business in Pakistan as well as for Pakistani companies and business people interested in doing business with Germany. Head of Economic Section: Rainer Schmiedchen


Consular and Legal Section

The Consular and Legal Section provides a range of services for German citizens. It also follows legal issues in Pakistan that are of interest to Germany. Head of Consular Section: Peter Lartz

Berliner Zeitungsmarkt

Press Section

The Press Section is responsible for presenting German domestic and foreign policies to the Pakistani public. It maintains close contacts with Pakistani journalists and with German correspondents working in Pakistan. Head of Press Section: Rainer Schmiedchen

Cultural Section

The Cultural Section offers a window to Germany’s rich and varied cultural life, as well as Pak-German cultural relations and German cultural activities in Pakistan. Head of Section: Rainer Schmiedchen


The administration covers the internal organisation and management of the mission, such as personnel affairs, budgeting, IT, equipment of the Chancery as well as of the Consul General's Residence and maintenance of the premises. Head of administration: Carsten Müller  

Consulate departments