Increasing numbers of deportations from Germany

There has been a considerable increase in the number of deportations and voluntary departures from Germany. More than 15.000 people obliged to leave Germany were repatriated to their countries of origin between January and July 2016. Around 35.000 people left the country voluntarily.

European refugee crisis 2016 Enlarge image Hundreds of refugees are waiting in the old Athens airport building (© picture alliance / dpa, © dpa)

Do not trust people smugglers! People who travel to Europe and Germany illegally are putting their lives at risk. People smugglers belong to organized crime networks and make false claims. Be careful not to put yourself or your family into debt!

Anyone who enters Germany illegally in search of work and a better life will not be allowed to stay. Rejected asylum-seekers will be deported, receive long-term travel bans for the Schengen area and must pay their deportation costs themselves.